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By law all moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport. The levels of liability differ and clients should understand the amount of protection provided and the charges associated with each option they choose. Most moving companies offer two levels of liability pursuant to the TXDOT and USDOT regulations which govern the moving industry. These two basic forms of liability are RELEASED VALUE and REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION.

RELEASED VALUE is the most economical protection option available to each client. There is no additional cost associated above and beyond the move price with this option. Under this option, the carrier (XD Moving Solutions), assumes liability for no more than 60 cents ($0.60) per pound per item. Loss or damage claims are settled based on the estimated weight of the item multiplied by $0.60. Example: If a 100-pound television valued at $1,500.00 were damaged or lost, the carrier would be liable for no more than $60.00. Again, there is no extra fee for this protection, and the moving contract that you will sign will specify that you agree to this liability unless other insurance is provided or requested. Every mover in the State of Texas must follow these rules and regulations with regard to this form of liability, if a mover tells you that they are completely liable for your goods they are most likely referring to RELEASED VALUE liability. In order for your items to be covered at an amount higher than the state mandated 60 cents per pound per item, you need to discuss with and agree in writing prior to the move with your carrier, an additional form of coverage.

REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION is available to you, usually at an additional cost by the carrier. However, due to the higher level of services XD Moving Solutions provides, we include an amount of REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION standard with each move. More details about the REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION program included with every move by XD Moving Solutions is listed below.

REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION is an increase to the carrier’s liability. Most moving companies base the cost of the increased protection on the Declared Value of the entire shipment and the Deductible amount you choose. Carriers are not required by law to offer REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION and may also refuse the protection based on the carrier not deeming the shipment to be risk worthy. If the carrier does offer REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION, the shipper must declare the value at a minimum of $5.00 per pound. If you elect to purchase additional REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION or are provided additional protection as is the case with XD Moving Solutions, items that are lost, damaged or destroyed will either be repaired or replaced with like items or a cash settlement amount will be made based on the current market replacement value of the item regardless of the age of the item.

The method of settlement is at the sole discretion of the carrier. You must also remember that when a claim is settled for current market replacement value, you must relinquish the damaged item to XD Moving Solutions for salvage. If a claim is made for an item that is lost, you must verify that the lost item was among the inventory items. XD Moving Solutions provides an inventory list for all guaranteed priced moves free of charge. Any items that are changed the day of the move must be adjusted and signed off by the crew leader as well as you the shipper. For all other moves, you as the shipper must request that an inventory be prepared by the carrier. If you choose to have an inventory prepared, speak with your estimator or crew leader as there typically are additional costs associated with the inventory preparation sheet.

XD Moving Solutions is not liable above and beyond the standard $0.60 cents per pound per item for damages caused to the following excluded item list.

– particle board, pressed wood or items containing similar materials
– artwork, glass, marble, stone or other similar materials, unless crated or packed by XD Moving Solutions.
– electronics, appliances or other similar devices where visible damage is not noticeable to the exterior of the item in question and or the mechanical condition in question is unknown to XD Moving Solutions.
– the contents of any box packed by you, the shipper, to which there is no visible damage to the exterior of the box and that XD Moving Solutions was not allowed to inspect the contents of the box in question prior to the completion of you, the shipper, unpacking the box.
– an entire set when only one piece is damaged.
– antiques, fine furniture, furs and/or other items of high value not declared as such before the move.
– items that have been previously broken or repaired.
– if the damage occurs as a result of Acts of God (rain, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.
– if the items are damaged as a result of defects or inherent nature of the property, as in changes in atmospheric conditions such as temperature or humidity.
– if you, as the shipper, neglect to prepare properly for shipment.

There are certain higher valued items that need to be discussed with your estimator before the move in order for XD Moving Solutions to make the best decision on how they need to be moved. These items include, but are not limited to: cash, coins, furs, credit cards, sports memorabilia collections, jewelry, watches, medications, receipts, any important documents, computer backup systems, paper or digital records, potted plants, food, etc. If XD Moving Solutions decides to move these items, we will take the greatest care possible in their transportation; however, XD Moving Solutions is not liable for any claims related to them and your estimator will most likely discuss with you how to move them yourself, if possible.

In order to obtain full REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION for your shipment please determine and submit the declared value amount of your entire shipment to your estimator before moving day. If that declared amount or weight value exceeds the $25,000 amount of protection XD Moving Solutions offers with each move your estimator will discuss options with you to increase your protection amount at an increased charge.

HIGH VALUED ITEMS are typically items worth more than $100.00 per pound. These items need to be discussed with your estimator prior to packing and moving day. Examples of HIGH VALUED ITEMS are, but not limited to: antiques, art collections, cameras, china, crystal, figurines, oriental rugs, audio/visual equipment, televisions, etc. In order to assure that these items are not limited to minimal liability, please coordinate with your estimator so that the proper high valued items form can be properly filled out, signed and given to the crew leader before the day of the move. In the event of a claim, any settlement is limited to the value of the item, not to exceed the declared value of the entire shipment. Claims are still settled based on the type of coverage selected. It is important to note that verification of ownership and proof of value will be required for such items prior to settlement. Also, when high valued items are not listed on the HIGH VALUED ITEMS inventory form, XD Moving Solution’s liability is limited to a maximum of $100 per pound per item, provided the shipment was released at a value greater than $0.60 cents per pound per item. Shipments for which the declared value is $0.60 cents per pound per article are not covered by the provisions applicable to HIGH VALUED ITEMS.

XD Moving Solutions on average handles and transports items and household goods that exceed normal values; therefore, XD Moving Solutions offers $25,000 in cargo and liability coverage. We are first and foremost committed to moving your belongings safely. If you are not satisfied with the options that we offer, then contact your insurance agent about possible alternatives.


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